Microsoft Employee Spills Secrets About An Upcoming Notepad Tabs Feature

Just like Sublime Text!


Windows 11 is more than a year old, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from experimenting with new features. A Microsoft employee accidentally posted a screenshot of the Windows Notepad app with the tabs feature. The image contained a confidentiality warning which meant that there were restrictions for all employees from taking photos or screenshots. But the employee, a senior product manager at Microsoft, jubilantly tweeted the image with the caption, “Notepad in Windows 11 now has tabs!”.

He soon realized his grave mistake and deleted the tweet after some time. But that was enough for publications like Windows Central and fellow Twitteratis to spot the accidental leak about the Notepad tabs feature in the coming months.

Windows 11 Notepad tab feature: Is it real?

Well, Microsoft already offers the tabs feature in the File Explorer app. Windows has finally embraced this trivial yet helpful design, allowing you to access different folder locations without opening a dedicated explorer window for every location. But the tabbed interfaces aren’t anything new. Even if you consider the Notepad app, the tabbed interface isn’t very new. Programmers familiar with SublimeText have had a multi-tab interface for years.

Notepad Tabs
Image: Windows Central

But having such a feature can save precious time in searching text files and then opening them in separate Notepad instances. Moreover, you don’t have to switch to different files by using Alt + Tab shortcut because the second text file is just a “tap” away. Since it was only a screenshot, there’s no details about the arrival of such a feature in the Notepad app. Even if it makes it to the final update push, don’t expect the feature any sooner. It took Microsoft a whole year to launch the File explorer tabs feature.

Microsoft usually announces upcoming features on its official blog, but its employee spilled the beans on Twitter. While this might seem like an accident, it could also be a hype-ploy by Microsoft to tease the upcoming feature to the audience. If you are in the Windows Insider program, you may have early access to the “Notepad tabs” feature in the future.

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