Microsoft Threatened Weak Programmers To Work On A Weird App Called Microsoft Dogs


microsoft-dogs-2Short Bytes: Microsoft Dogs was a real product by Redmond that was launched in 1995 and it had detailed information about 500 different breeds of dogs. I don’t know what was the real purpose behind this move, but it did help Microsoft by acting as a punishment for programmers.

If you dig deep into Microsoft’s website, you’ll find a discontinued product called “Microsoft Dogs” which is a handy guide for dog enthusiasts. This product had eighty mindful video clips of puppies along with the Canine Consultant that helped you choose your favorite breed.

I don’t know what was the real purpose behind this move, but it did help Microsoft in the weirdest way possible. While recently China hired ‘cheerleaders’ to motivate the programmers, Microsoft launched Microsoft Dogs in 1995.

As Microsoft’s Windows 95 changed the way we use computers, 1994-95 was a very competitive time for Redmond. And to get the best out of the programmers, Microsoft managers threatened to reassign them to work on Microsoft Dogs.

Yes, put to take care of Microsoft Dogs – one of the most obscure products Microsoft has ever created.

This CD-ROM had information about 500 different breeds of dogs. While some handful people were aware about Microsoft Dogs, this story about ‘inspiring’ the programmers to perform better comes from a video posted by Microsoft in Microsoft Archives.

Raymond Chen, a long-time Windows engineer who joined Microsoft in 1992, says:

That’s the threat you would use if you wanted to tell someone that maybe this operating system stuff isn’t cut out for you.

If you still find it hard to believe, take look at this video from Microsoft Dogs:

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