Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Is Here With Removal HDD And Fast Charging


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is here, and they’re amazing looking, to say the least. Introducing the laptop the Microsoft official said “We wanted to add the elements of serviceability, repairability, things that matter to the customers,” This statement sits in conjunction with the nature of the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 series as the new devices now come in modular design with removable hard disks.

The laptops are now available on a 13.5 inch and 15-inch screen packed within a machined aluminum body with bigger trackpads and optimized key travel.

Here’s all you need to know about the new Microsoft Surface Laptops 3 —

Microsoft Surface Laptops 3 Specs, Features, Price And Release Date

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Some of the things common across the board for the 13.5 inches and the 15-inch surface pro include:

  • An Instant-ON feature (similar to a smartphone)
  • Improved Pixel Sens Display with touch
  • Fast Charging with up to 80% charge in under 1 hour
  • Omnisonic speakers
  • USB Type-A and Type-C ports
  • Studio Mics
  • Machined Aluminium Finish
  • 20% bigger trackpad
  • 1.3mm of key travel
  • Modular design with an emphasis on repairability and upgradability

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13.5 inch features

The new 13.5 inches Surface 3 laptop is powered by an Intel 10th Gen Quad-Core processor. The chip belongs to the Project Athena series of laptops which are guaranteed to provide an all-day battery life along with faster Thunderbolt ports, instant resumes and WiFi 6.

“To put it into context, it is three times more powerful than the Apple Macbook Air,” Microsoft said while praising the performance of the new Surface Laptop 3.

The new Intel chip also comes with Iris pro 11 gen graphics processor, which is relatively better than what Intel has in its older series of chips. The 13.5-inch screen on this laptop uses a Pixel Sense display which features no rubberized protection around its screen.

“There’s no finger scoop, there are no speaker holes, there’s no rubber bumper around the screen,” Microsoft said, commenting on the screen. All of this brings a “perfectly silent typing experience which is so important.”

The keyboard and the trackpad are also improved from the previous-gen surface laptop. “We’ve delivered around 1.3mm of key travel, about a 90mm pitch between the keys,” said the Microsoft official.

The trackpad is also 20% bigger than the previous generation to deliver a better experience.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Specs

The modular features of the Surface Laptop 3 were also showcased when the presenter removed the top of the keyboard and revealed all the components underneath. According to Microsoft, users will be able to do the same using special tools.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15 Inch Features

The new 15-inch Surface laptop comes with all the features mentioned above. Instead of being powered by a 10th Gen Intel chip, it comes with a custom-made AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition processor.

According to Microsoft, it is the “fastest processor for any laptop in its class.” The custom-made AMD Ryzen series processor comes with integrated Vega 11 graphics for better performance in games. The GPU is not as powerful as a discreet graphics card but it is still way better than Iris Pro graphics.

Surface Laptop 3 Pre-Order

The new series of Surface laptops are available for pre-order right now. The 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 3 is priced at $999 while the 15-inch model is priced at $1,119. The deliveries of both these laptops will begin on Oct 22, 2019.

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