Microsoft Strips Off More Settings From Control Panel On Windows 11

The Control Panel could be gone soon.


Microsoft aims to make the Settings app more “functional” with Windows 11. Likewise, the company has moved several settings away from the Control Panel to the Settings app. Many settings migrated to the Settings app with Windows 11, but a recent Insider build moves more of them away from the Control Panel.

The Settings app has been there since the Windows 8 era but didn’t have much authority in system settings. The release notes for Windows 11 build 22509 highlight the changes made to the Control Panel. Several network settings have now moved over to the Settings app after removing the Control Panel.

Microsoft has moved the advanced sharing settings to a new Settings page in the Settings app. For instance, the Network discovery, File and printer sharing, and public folder sharing settings have a new page. Also, the Settings app will now display more information about your connected devices when available. Some entry points to the network and device links in the Control Panel will redirect you to unify the process.

Redmond is no longer forcing users to use the Control Panel but instead forcing them to use the new alternative. However, most of the community would welcome these changes, for they have wanted the same for a while now.

The tech giant refers to these changes as part of its “effort to bring over settings from the Control Panel into the Settings app,” meaning that it plans to make the Control Panel on Windows 11 redundant in the future.

Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja

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