Microsoft Is Selling ‘Clippy’ Ugly Sweaters: Here’s Where To Buy It

Do you remember the first computer assistant on Windows?


Microsoft has been making ugly holiday sweaters for five years, but this year’s main star is Clippy. Some might remember Clippy as an annoying talking paperclip from Microsoft Office. The company is now selling a series of Windows-themed ugly sweaters featuring the Clippy for $76 / ₹6200.

Some might think it is a high price to pay for such a regular piece of clothing. However, all the proceedings will be donated to the College Success Foundation with an additional $100,000 donation from Microsoft. Over the years, these ugly sweaters have more or less become collectible items for Windows fans.

“Our fans really crave and love Windows nostalgia. It’s always popular on our channels because we are one of only 30-plus-year tech brands, so people have grown up with us.”

Megan Muehleman, senior social media manager at Microsoft.

Microsoft started making its first ugly sweater in 2018, inspired by Windows 95. A year after that, they sold sweaters based on Windows XP 2019. In the following years, they made sweaters based on Microsoft Paint (2020) and Minesweeper (2021).

Microsoft’s clippy ugly sweater is quite nostalgic

Our main star this year is Clippy, the talking Microsoft Word assistant. Many may not even remember Clippy as he was removed from Microsoft Office, starting with Windows XP. Before that, he was an animated companion that would show up on top of your document offering help.

However, it would most often than not get in the way of the workflow. This limitation led to Microsoft removing Clippy from subsequent Office releases. However, Clippy still remains in the hearts of many users due to being one of the first computer assistants of all time.

Microsoft’s Windows Ugly Sweater: Clippy Edition is now available from the Xbox Gear Shop. It comes in six different sizes for $75. Keep in mind that there will only be a limited no of stock for the sweater, and it will likely only be sold till Christmas.

Let us know if you are looking to buy Microsoft’s Clippy ugly sweater in the comments section below.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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