Get Rewards Up To $30,000 For Finding Bugs In Microsoft Teams Mobile Apps


Microsoft has announced that Teams mobile applications are now a part of its bug bounty program. The company already gives rewards for reporting bugs in the desktop and online versions of Microsoft Teams. And, with the latest announcement, it has now included Teams mobile apps for Android and iOS as well.

Teams mobile applications have been added to the Microsoft Applications Bounty Program. The security researchers can bag up to $30K for successfully sniffing out bugs in apps. With such handsome rewards, the company aims to incentivize more and more researchers to help improve the security of their software.

Moreover, the official post also defines bug-reward categories for Microsoft Teams mobile apps.

For reporting vulnerabilities that could highly compromise user privacy and security, the company will shell out from $15K to $30K. For finding out other bugs, rewards in the range of $500-$15K will be given.

In addition to that, those who generate valid reports for Microsoft Teams mobile apps are eligible for a 2x bonus multiplier. This will see their reward get doubled as per the Researcher Recognition Program. Racking up a certain number of points can also land you on the company’s annual Most Valuable Security Researcher list.

Lastly, Microsoft also revealed its intention to work more closely with security researchers. The company’s post further highlighted that more updates related to the bounty program will follow soon. So, for those of you who are on the lookout for hefty rewards, Microsoft’s bounty program is one to keep tabs on.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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