Microsoft’s Quantum Programming Language Arrives On Linux And Mac; Libraries Open Sourced


Microsoft launched a free version of its Quantum Development Kit in September 2017, at its Ignite Conference. This kit included Q# programming language (pronounced “Q Sharp”), a quantum computing simulator, and other stuff to help you write your first quantum program.

Now, the company has announced updates to its Quantum Development Kit. To bring more developers aboard, the support for macOS and Linux is being added. Moreover, Redmond’s quantum team is also bringing interoperability with Python that’ll allow the Q# code to call Python routines with ease, and vice versa.

“Quantum computing holds the promise of solving many of today’s unsolvable problems and we want to make it possible for the broadest set of developers to code new quantum applications,” the blog post states.

For those who don’t know, Q# is a domain-specific language for writing quantum algorithms. It’s deeply integrated with Visual Studio, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re already acquainted with company’s popular development platform.

In its blog post, Microsoft writes about the first major update to the kit and states that the support for Linux and macOS has been the most requested feature from devs.

microsoft q sharp quantum programming
Images: Microsoft

Microsoft has also open sourced the libraries to help developers use it in their own apps and contributed to the growing Q# community.

That’s not all. A big change has also been brought to the performance of quantum simulator, whose performance has been pumped 4-5x. It’ll let the devs get advantage of faster testing and simulation.

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