Microsoft Patent Reveals ‘Surface Trio’ Design With Triple-Screen Display

Microsoft is working on more foldables.


It’s pretty evident that Microsoft loves its series of foldable devices, including the Surface Duo 2. There are two versions of the dual-screen foldable device. Likewise, a newly surfaced patent reveals that the tech giant is considering a triple-screened handheld called Surface Trio.

Patently Apple spotted the patent posted on December 23, 2021, which reveals Microsoft was thinking of working on a foldable device with three screens. This means that Microsoft could launch a triple-screen device called Surface Trio 3.

While the actual patent is quite long and technical, the associated image above speaks for itself. The device contains three displays connected by two different hinges. Hence, it’s like a Surface Duo 2, with an extra display and a hinge.

However, there might be one slight issue with the triple-screen device. One of the displays would always have to be exposed, while the other two would “close” up. While the third display will be out, it could be an external display for the Surface Duo 2. Some might call this an “issue,” and some call it a “lifesaver.”

Moreover, the patent refers to the Surface Trio prototype as a “Multi-Panel Display Device,” owing to the triple-screen. “Multi-panel display devices may be useful in a variety of different scenarios. For example, multiple soft­ware application windows may be visually presented on separate display panels simultaneously,” says the document.

It’s not sure if Microsoft will push through to bring out the Surface Trio, but it always could. Worst case scenario is that this multi-panel display device could be a discarded project.

Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja

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