Did You Hear About Microsoft And Oreo Partnership? Here’s Why You Should Know About It

Microsoft And Oreo

Workspaces are hectic places for many working professionals. But Microsoft wants you to take a break and relieve your mind. The company is partnering with Oreo to spread the word about workspace burnout and the usefulness of taking a break. Both have come up with a new product called ‘Thinvites’, which is essentially a snack package with some useful productivity tips.

In addition, users will also get a cookie dipper because why not! Microsoft thinks that dunking cookies in milk can make the hands messy. So, you can use the cookie dipper to dunk the cookie in milk. Although, it seems a little unnecessary for a small event.

Microsoft and Oreo partnership details

November is National Cookie Month in the United States. Yes! As sweet as it sounds, you can’t get the Thinvites for free. Microsoft won’t charge a penny for the package. But you need to pay a shipping charge of $3.95. The Thinvite includes a Microsoft Clippie-inspired cookie-dunking tool which Oreo calls ‘Clippy Dippy.’

The digital breaks will run from 2-2:15 PM EDT on November 1-3, 2022. During the break, Microsoft will share a video called Return to Pawfice. It is a short video of cute dogs doing cute things, which are perfect when you are on a snack break. Microsoft shared that you can share the link with anybody so that they can enjoy the snack break too.

Microsoft And Oreo emojis
Image: Microsoft

You will also get two new Oreo-themed emojis in Microsoft Teams. Since the whole endeavor is to subtly promote Microsoft office products, you can share the new emojis to remind your peers about the much-needed snack break. You can order the limited Oreo Thins so that you have an actual snack while celebrating the digital ‘Thinvite’.

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