Microsoft Open Sources Its Quantum Computing Developer Kit On GitHub #Build2019


Microsoft has been working on quantum computing for a long time. The company has been building tools to help developers in boosting quantum computing. Previously, the company has already rolled Q#, a domain-specific programming language for writing quantum codes, a compiler for compiling quantum codes and a quantum simulator. All these tools are a part of Microsoft’s Quantum Development kit.

At the undergoing Build 2019, Microsoft has announced that it will open source its Quantum Development Kit and its code will be available on Github. Compiler for Q# and quantum simulators will be the tools that the company will open source for developers.

The official announcement blog reads: “By open-sourcing the Quantum Development Kit in GitHub, we enable developers to contribute alongside an emerging community of quantum computing programmers.

In addition to empowering developers, Microsoft’s move to open source its quantum development kit will also help academic institutions that might want to deploy Q# to offer quantum computing courses.

Microsoft isn’t the first company to open source quantum computing tools. Earlier, IBM, which already showcased a prototype of the world’s first commercial Qubit computer at CES 2019, offers an open source framework for developing quantum computing programs.

You can read more about Microsoft Quantum Development Kit by visiting this link.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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