Microsoft Announces Open App Store Rules To Justify Its Activision Deal

They only apply to the Microsoft Store on PC.

microsoft open app store rules
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has announced new Open App Store rules and principles for its Microsoft Store and console marketplaces. These principles are a set of best practices that the company will follow to promote transparency and fairness. In other words, Microsoft will adhere to these practices to not follow the footsteps of Apple and Google.

Recently, Apple has received allegations of gaining unfair advantages over the developers that put their apps on its app store. Likewise, announcing Open App Store principles was essential for Microsoft as they relieved doubts about Microsoft’s recent Activision Blizzard purchase. The regulations also put the tech giant at an advantage over its biggest competitors.

Promoting fairness, transparency & choice

The Open App Store rules come right after the Open Markets Act, which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. Moreover, Microsoft promised to allow other app stores within the Microsoft Store. The respective developers of these app stores can use their monetization too.

Microsoft still wants to promote transparency and fairness in all areas. It said it would allow all developers to go into the Microsoft Store to meet the quality and safety threshold. The tech giant also said it would treat all apps in its stores the same way and not form a selective bias.

In the same vein, Microsoft Store will have a particular set of transparent rules for marketing and promoting apps. The new Open App Store rules primarily focus on four areas that apply to the Microsoft Store on Windows:

  • Quality, Safety, Security & Privacy
  • Accountability
  • Fairness and Transparency
  • Developer Choice

It’s pretty evident that Microsoft instated these rules to avoid a significant cash burn, similar to what Apple faced in the Epic v. Apple case.

However, there’s one catch: all four of these rules do not apply to console marketplaces as there will be no developer choice there. Microsoft didn’t take much time to clarify that all Open App Store rules are irrelevant for the Xbox store. Developers listing apps on the Xbox store will still have to use Microsoft’s payment system, the same as its competitors.

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