Microsoft Office Lens: A Powerful Scanner for Android and iOS

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched Microsoft Office Lens for Android and iOS Smartphone. Office Lens is one of the most popular Windows Phone app which is used for scanning documents and works with OneNote. The app was launched one year ago for Windows phone and it  received an average rating of 4.6 stars (out of 5) from around 18,500 reviews, according to Microsoft Office official blog. 

The Microsoft Office Lens was first designed only for Windows Phones, but now it is available for Android and iOS Smartphones.

Microsoft Office Lens is a quite impressive portable scanner which allows user to take pictures of receipts, menus, business cards, whiteboards, documents or sticky notes and more, and convert them into Word documents, PDF files and PowerPoint presentations for easier editing and reformatting.

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The functionalities of theMicrosoft Office Lens app are as follows:

  • Office Lens recognizes the corners of a document and performs automatic cropping. It cleans up and enhances the quality of images to make it brighter and visible.
  • Microsoft Office Lens identifies printed text on the image with optical character recognition (OCR). Which makes it easier to search images by keyword from OneNote or OneDrive.
  • Converts images of paper documents and whiteboard notes into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files for easy editing and reformatting.
  • Captures business cards and generates contacts you can add to your phone.
  • Inserts images to OneNote or OneDrive (as DOCX, PPTX, JPG or PDF format) and gives you options to save, export and share the image.

Here is an example showing a photo of whiteboard taken from one corner and then converted with the help of Microsoft Office Lens:


Android and iOS users can now download the Microsoft Office Lens app for free by following the links given below:


Android and  iOS

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Office Lens: A Powerful Scanner for Android and iOS”

  1. I tried it out. Image photo was grainy so tried to save as a PDF document to Dropbox. Told me to sign into Dropbox, which I did. Still couldn’t get the document to save and don’t know where it put it to get it off my ipad. Correcting the skew is easy. Documents were not clear enough to read though, which was disappointing. I’ve tried several scanner type apps and so far, none are very impressive.

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