Microsoft Could Launch New Surface Earbuds At Windows 11 Event [Exclusive]

The company has dropped a hint in its latest tweet.

Microsoft New Surface Earbuds Rumor
Images: Microsoft on Twitter

The next Windows launch is just around the corner. While it’s unclear who leaked it, people are already running leaked builds and discussing Windows 11 features, changes, and system requirements. But Microsoft has previously tweeted that the June 24 event will bring something new onto the table.

Last night, the company posted another tweet hinting about something new that’s about to be unveiled tomorrow. Windows 11 is already a known secret, but it seems Microsoft does have something else on its menu.

Decoding Microsoft’s Ear Teaser on Twitter

Now, curious minds are trying to figure out the reasons behind why Microsoft is making us look at the ear of the man. Windows Central’s Zac Bowden likes to jokingly call it Windows Ear. So, does that mean Microsoft is adding some ear-related tech to Windows 11?

Microsoft made another tweet in the comments saying it’s going to bring “two great things on the same day.”

Could it be the new Surface Heaphones?

The chances are slim. Previously, Microsoft announced its wireless earbuds at a dedicated Surface event in October 2019 and released them in May 2020.

However, more than a year has passed since the last Surface audio device and Microsoft might be planning to come up with something fresh. Apple has the AirPods Max in the lineup, although, it’s sad the company’s own lossless audio tear doesn’t work with it.

It’s #Microsoft Event, not #WindowsEvent

The company included different URLs in the Microsoft Event tweets made on different days, and I’ve noticed some hints regarding what could be the second thing Microsoft is planning to launch on June 24th.

Microsoft’s tweet on June 16 after Windows 11 leak

Microsoft June 24 Event URL 1

Image: URL mention in June 16 tweet.

Microsoft’s tweet on June 21 hints at Surface Earbuds

Microsoft June 24 Event URL 2
Image: URL Mention in June 21 tweet.

Here, the second URL includes a mention of TWSound. The TWS acronym is short for True Wireless Stereo in the case of wireless earbuds that generally use Bluetooth technology. Combining this with a close shot of the ear, it would be safe to say that a new pair of Surface earbuds could launch tomorrow.

If not earbuds, it could be a pair of Surface Headphones or some other audio tech. I am yet to figure out if the other short forms in the updated URL actually mean anything. One of them (win) seems to point towards the Windows launch.

What else?

Since there is no hardware visible, it could also be a hint of a kind of bone conduction tech from Microsoft. Some users have speculated the same in the tweets. Although, the last we heard about such tech from the company was back in 2014 with its bone-conduction accessibility aid for visually impaired users.

Nonetheless, if it doesn’t turn out to be true at all, we are still up to more guesses. So, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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