Microsoft’s ‘Modern OS’ To Have ‘Invisible’ Background Updates

Microsoft modern OS
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At Computex 2019, Microsoft hinted at the features of a ‘modern OS’ without unveiling any concrete details about it. When Nick Parker, VP of consumer and device sales, took to the stage, everyone expected some announcement related to Windows Lite but the company did unveil what according to it is an ideal OS.

In a philosophical blog post, Parker has mentioned the word ‘modern’ 16 times. He says that the OS will be based on ‘Enablers’ that would form the bare bone structure of the OS and ‘Delighters’ would further alleviate the user experience.

Speaking of enablers, Microsoft envisions that a ‘modern OS’ will include seamless updates. The company highlights that the OS updates will be invisibly done in the background. Much to the understanding, the idea seems a lot similar to what happens on Chrome OS. Possibly, unlike the Windows Update experience we’ve seen till now.

The modern OS will be secure by default as the state will be separate from the operating system and the compute will be separated from applications. This will prevent users from malicious attacks in a modern OS.

Always-connected is another enabler that the Windows-maker envisions in its modern OS. Users will be able to interact with the world at any point of time as the OS will be integrated with Wifi and LTE 5G.

Microsoft Modern OS vision screenshot 16 times

Parker talked about cloud and AI would improve that overall experience as the modern OS would be predict future actions of the users and help them accordingly.

Finally, a modern OS would provide the ultimate form factor agility. The company explains that the OS will include support for sensors and posture awareness so that users can use a broad range of devices of different form factors with much ease.

Microsoft did not reveal whether the mentioned ‘modern OS’ is something they have in the pipeline or is it just a vision that the company has. The blog post also doesn’t mention ‘Windows’ even a single time.

Nonetheless, the features highlighted by the company seem promising and we would like to have these enablers and delighters in upcoming OS by Microsoft.

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