Microsoft Launches New Unified Security Dashboard For Windows, Android, iOS & macOS

Microsoft Defender Moves across Platforms.

Unified Security Dashboard
Image Credit: Microsoft

As our dependence on internet technology increases, so does our vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Few users know the potential risks associated with these attacks and are oblivious to how they can protect information online.

While many of us love to surf the internet, now and then, we could click on a malicious ad or open a phishing email, which could hack our personal computers.

To safeguard you from the growing threat of hacking, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Defender, an efficient antivirus that comes pre-installed on PCs.

However, the company is now taking things further and launching an all-new Defender cybersecurity application across Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. 

Microsoft’s new cybersecurity application

Although the company has been using Defender for years, the new app will tap into its pre-existing antivirus program and offer enhanced device protection. Microsoft Defender will be available for users of Microsoft 365 Personal and Family.

Apple’s iOS and iPad do not come with antivirus protection, and the app protects users against phishing alongside a dashboard with alerts for other devices.

Similarly, for Android, the Defender comes with antivirus protection and the ability to scan devices for corrupt applications. It will also scan links to offer protection against web phishing.

On Windows, the application acts as a dashboard, and you can view your current antivirus protection from McAfee and other software providers and manage security protections across devices.

The benefits of the new application

Many users might consider this update ‘unnecessary,’ but it could come in handy for those who want to safeguard family members and their devices from a dashboard.

Its current functionality might not seem like a lot, but Microsoft claims that more updates are coming. According to the corporate vice president of Microsoft security, Vasu Jakkal, this is the ‘start,’ and they are looking forward to bringing more security features under a single dashboard.

We will soon see additional features like safe online connections and protection against identity theft.



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