Microsoft Launches Accessories For Differently-Abled People

Great initiative by Microsoft!

Microsoft launches accessories for differently-abled people
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Microsoft has always been upfront about the empowerment of people and organizations and always had a vision to achieve more. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft has announced a lineup of adaptive accessories.

It might replace regular keyboards and mice that people with disabilities struggle to use. These adaptive accessories are meant to stand out as a different product category. And they are solely for helping differently-abled people for the greater good.

Why has Microsoft launched adaptive accessories?

Microsoft Launches Accessories For Differently-Abled People
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The following initiative by the company shows true empathy for a certain community. A traditional mouse and keyboard may hinder productivity for a differently-abled person. These adaptive accessories can perform various tasks, thereby helping those who find it difficult to get the most out of their PC.

What are the devices?

The product lineup from Microsoft consists of these three devices: Adaptive Mouse, Adaptive Buttons, and the Adaptive Hub.

The components from Microsoft are Adaptive, and you can customize them accordingly. The mouse and buttons are made to support 3D-printed accessories, so you can customize them to make a mouse that truly works for you.

There’s a square-shaped puck that is designed to clip into a palm rest. The “tail” Microsoft makes for the mouse will also act as a palm rest. You can also attach 3D-printed tails to your mouse designed around specific needs.

Additionally, the thumb support accessory easily switches sides for left or right-handedness. The adaptive buttons let you add eight programmable inputs to your computer, which doesn’t mean you will have eight physical buttons. The company showed a version with just two large buttons.

And same as the mouse, you can also add 3D-printed toppers or accessories to the buttons for better use. You can wirelessly connect up to four buttons to the Adaptive Hub, sending instructions to your computer or phone.

This definitely will allow less cord clutter. The hub also works with standard 3.5mm assistive tech switches. It has three distinct profiles to be used with multiple devices.

What are your thoughts on this great initiative by Microsoft? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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