Microsoft Is Testing Automatic Incognito Mode In Its Android Keyboard App


If you use third-party keyboard apps on your Android smartphone, you must have noticed that most apps turn on the default keyboard when you begin typing in credentials such as your passwords or credit card numbers.

However, keyboard apps lack the functionality to stop recording your input when you fire up a browser in incognito mode. You wouldn’t want these keyboard apps to log your sensitive search queries for adding them to its dictionary.

Microsoft is trying to prevent such embarrassing situations by testing an automatic incognito mode in its Android keyboard appSwiftkey

Automatic Incognito Mode

In the latest beta build, Microsoft has added a new feature in the Swiftkey app that will automatically turn on an incognito mode when a user is about to type something in an incognito browser window.

Incognito mode in Swiftkey

The app will not make a log of the words that user will type, and the mode will be automatically turned off once the user has closed the incognito browser. The feature is working in all popular web browsers including Google Chrome.

Download Beta App To Test The Feature

The feature is still in the development phase as it has been rolled out in the beta version of the app. If you want to test the feature, download the Swiftkey Beta app from the Google Play Store. There could be some bugs in the app, or you can wait for the feature to arrive in the stable version of the app, which we are expecting soon.

The incognito mode already exists in some popular keyboard apps like Gboard but the functionality to turn it on automatically when a user is in incognito browsing mode is something new.

What do you think about Swiftkey’s latest feature? Tell us in the comments.

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