Microsoft And Intel Want To Standardize Foldable Laptops, Where Are They?

Microsoft Intel Foldable Laptop rules
Image: Lenovo

As per a new report, two big tech companies Microsoft and Intel are joining hands to set some standards for foldable laptops. Yes, the new breed of personal computers that don’t exist in our hands yet.

Microsoft has already teamed up with Intel to set rules for dual-screen laptops. These are somewhat weird-looking devices that feature a second screen above the keyboard. Many people are yet to figure out what are their exact use cases, although, a second screen can be a great help for video creators and gamers.

For example, Intel itself showed off its prototype Honeycomb Glacier that’s fitted with two hinges. Also, Microsoft is working on a foldable Surface device that has been rumored for like 100 years.

Regarding rules for foldable PCs, not much can be said at this point in time. Maybe, Microsoft and Intel might want to recommend specs for the processor (x86 or ARM), always-on connectivity, minimum battery life, support for a stylus, etc.

Are there any foldable laptops?

The most realistic idea of a working foldable laptop that we can get is from Lenovo’s prototype revealed earlier this year. It has a 13-inch 2K OLED display and it folds like a book, creating a crease along the middle of the display.

With the keyboard getting out of the picture, the user interface becomes one of the most important aspects of foldable laptops. Whether the software on a foldable PC should look and work like a giant foldable phone or a touch screen Windows tablet.

Anyway, it appears that bringing a set of rules for a device platform that hasn’t matured is a move made too soon. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, we don’t have any foldable laptop that people can buy and use right now. Even the dual-screen options available right now are beyond what many pockets can afford.

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