Microsoft HoloLens Head Alex Kipman Resigns

Alex Kipman following misconduct allegations

Alex Kipman
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Microsoft’s Alex Kipman has resigned following misconduct allegations. Kipman was asserted an important position in the Microsoft setup.

He led the Microsoft teams that developed the Hololens augmented reality headset and Kinect motion controller for Xbox. He also possessed immaculate technical knowledge, due to which he was consulted on matters of the company’s interest.

However, Microsoft couldn’t allow him to continue to hold the office in light of the allegations by numerous employees. The allegations include misconduct which contains verbal abuse and undermining behavior, and sexual harassment, which is the core issue.

What does Microsoft have to say?

While there’s no official statement, the Insider has acquired an internal email from Microsoft Cloud head Scott Guthrie which says, “We have mutually decided that this is the right time for him to leave the company to pursue other opportunities.”

The email isn’t enough evidence to conclude the removal of Kipman based on sexual harassment accusations. Instead, the email only highlights the company’s decision to part ways to explore new opportunities.

However, Insider’s sources have revealed that over 25 Microsoft employees facilitated an internal report that alleged Kipman of misconduct with employees and harassment toward women.

Following these allegations, The Insider reached out to Microsoft to comment on the matter. However, Microsoft denied the allegations, but they didn’t deny that Kipman was being dealt with strictly.

The allegations

This report comes after remarks submitted by Microsoft employees to the Insider in which they induced the same allegations. Three employees also claimed they were issued warnings to stay with women when they’re around Kipman because of the obvious conduct toward women.

The extent of Kipman’s condemnable behavior had reached such a high extreme that a former Microsoft Executive perceived the Covid-19 pandemic as a blessing. He said, “The best thing that happened was the pandemic.” “So we never had to interact with him in person,” he added.

Kipman hasn’t recently responded to these allegations, but he offered a brief comment in February which said, “Don’t believe what you read on the internet.” A vindication of his behavior is that 70 Microsoft employees left the company and joined Meta in 2021.



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