Microsoft Is Hiring Linux Folks For A Secret Open Source Unit


microsoft loves linux azure cloudShort Bytes: A new report floating in the tech world suggests that Microsoft is busy headhunting the employees from well-known Linux firms. It’s being speculated that Redmond is doing this to make its Azure cloud strategy more effective by bringing open source tools on the platform.

Over the course of past few months, we have seen something unusual happening at Microsoft. The company, whose former CEO once labelled Linux as a cancer, is now embracing more Linux everyday.

If you are willing to read about this new love affair, go ahead and read our complete coverage.

Another report of the same nature comes from the house of The Register. The website reports that Microsoft is recruiting some penguinistas for building a unit that will sell open source wares on Azure Cloud.

Microsoft recruiters have been contacting the employees of different Linux firms and interviewing for them some “open source practice”. More specifically, Redmond is looking for Linux folks with knowledge in Linux, Docker, Ansible, and Chef.

One reader, also an employee at a well-known Linux firm, told The Register that he took part in an interview.

He said that Microsoft interviewer told him that the company is very keen to make new relationships “as a result of a change of attitude towards open source technology”.

In another similar development, Microsoft recently hired Oracle’s Mr. Linux to head the open source projects.

The new strategy to bring open source technologies along with its Azure package is a part of Microsoft’s steps to avoid the losses to Linux and preserve the sales of Windows.

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