Microsoft Finally Kicks Out BSOD For “Green Screen” On Windows 10 Preview Builds


Short Bytes: Microsoft has made the biggest change to the infamous BSOD for its Windows 10 preview builds. Spotted by @Chris123NT, the Green Screen of Death replaces the BSOD which will help Microsoft know that the error has occurred in the preview build.

After the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has shown interest in making changes to the blue screen of death which has haunted users for quite a long time. This year, QR codes were added to the BSODs displayed on machines running Windows 10.

Now, when the year is about to end, it has been reported that the company is done with the blue screen of death on the preview builds of Windows 10 released as a part of Insider program. The preview builds will now display a “Green Screen of Death” instead of a blue one.

The new change was known after the preview of the Windows 10 Creator’s Update was leaked online a couple of days ago. Moreover, after the leak, a Microsoft employee named Matthijs Hoekstra hinted the green screen in a tweet.

Following Hoekstra’s tweet, @Chris123NT was probably the first user to notice the green screen of death. He replied to Hoekstra’s tweet with a photo of the green screen.

Redmond has opted for a new screen of death color to distinguish between the Preview and Production builds. Many users post BSOD-related issues on various forums. The GSOD would make it easy to decipher that the bug belongs to a preview build.

The recently leaked Windows 10 preview build 14997 uncovered many unannounced features including the Game Mode, Cortana during Windows setup, blue light reduction, etc.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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