Microsoft Free eBook Giveaway — Download Millions Of Books For Free

microsoft free ebook giveaway
microsoft free ebook giveaway

Microsoft Free Ebooks

Microsoft’s Director of Sales Excellence Eric Ligman has announced the FREE eBook giveaway for the year 2016 as a renewal of his annual free Microsoft Ebook giveaway extravaganza.

Eric Ligman is providing free eBook downloads to the people who are Microsoft customers, partner, or the readers of Eric’s blog. It means literally everyone on the internet.

This Microsoft’s free eBook giveaway covers a plethora of topics. Take a look below:

  • Free Ebooks for Windows
  • Free Ebooks for Power BI
  • Free Ebooks for Azure
  • Free Ebooks for Office
  • Free Ebooks for Windows Server
  • Free Ebooks for SharePoint
  • Free Ebooks for Exchange Server
  • Free Ebooks for System Center
  • Free Ebooks for Dynamics
  • Free Ebooks for  SQL Server
  • Free Ebooks for Powershell

These Ebooks are available in various formats to suit your needs. You can download as many eBooks as you like and transfer them across your devices. There is no time limitation for the validity of these books downloaded from Microsoft’s free eBook giveaway.

How to download all the eBooks using browser plug-in?

Once you are on Eric’s blog, you’ll see a green “Download All” button at the bottom. The button will take you to a ‘how to’ post where you will find ways to download all the eBooks at once. But there is a twist — Instead of giving a single zip file, Eric has put a list of download links to all the eBooks in a single .txt file. You’ll have to use a browser plug-in to download these links.

You can also follow the long road by downloading all the books one by one. You can use a suitable browser extension or Internet Download Manager to download all these links.

Check out Eric’s blog post to know more about the Microsoft’s free eBook giveaway.

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