Microsoft’s ‘Foldable’ Surface That Will Run ‘Android Apps’ Coming In 2020: Report

Microsoft Centaurus Dual-Screen Touch Device
Image: PC World

Here’s another rumor leading to the hope that Microsoft will launch its offbeat computing device in the coming future. The foldable device code-named ‘Centaurus’ could arrive in the first quarter of 2020, IHT Analyst Jeff Lin told Forbes, citing ‘supply chain info.’

This clears out the air on past rumors, stating that Centaurus would arrive sometime in late 2019.

As you might already know, Centaurus, which would eventually become a part of Microsoft’s Surface line-up, is going to have a dual-screen form factor. In addition to that, Lin said the device would run the Windows Core OS with a shell optimized for dual-screen devices — known as Windows Lite.

Each screen on the device will have a 9-inch display size and an aspect ratio of 4:3. It will be powered by Intel’s new 10nm Lakefield chips and feature 5G support for always-on connectivity.

On top of that, the highlight of the rumored Centaurus device is that it will also have support for Android apps and iCloud services.

Further, Zac Bowden from Window Central Central has spilled some beams on the possible unveiling date of the device. He said Microsoft could pull the curtain off Centaurus during the October hardware event later this year.

Just recently we heard about Microsoft showing off a dual screen device at an internal event. Clearly, the future is going to have a lot of them, irrespective of the platform.

We saw some of the attempts earlier this year, a failed one from Samsung and also the Mate X by the ill-fated Huawei. It’s not just Android, many Windows-based OEMs are also working on their own ideas for dual-display devices such as Lenovo. However, in this case, Lenovo is adding a single foldable display instead of two screens.

Another bizarre yet cool foldable gaming laptop concept we have seen is from Intel. The two separate screens on the device can be adjusted at different angles.

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Aditya Tiwari

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