Microsoft Files Patent For Sending Silent Voice Commands To Virtual Assistants


Many of us must have faced the awkwardness of speaking out a voice command to Siri or Google Assistant. Trying to change the way we use our virtual assistants, Microsoft has filed for a new patent which has suggested a new way altogether.

According to a patent filed at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in December 2018, the Redmond company could soon introduce a voice input method to silently command the virtual assistants.

The new voice command input method will try to figure out whispers with the use of an apparatus and decipher out the voice commands by analyzing the airflow while the words get whispered.

microsoft voice patent

The process described in the patent allows users to command his or her virtual assistants to carry forward with tasks, without disturbing other people and with more convenience.

Furthermore, the new voice input method can be used with various devices such as smartwatch, smartphones, smart ring, headset microphones, and TV remote.

However, it is to be noted that the aforementioned is just a patent, and usually, not all patents see the light of day.

If at all the new patent by Microsoft turns into a product, it will revolutionize the approach to virtual assistants making them smarter. Given that voice commands is becoming the more preferred method of getting tasks done, the silent command feature will be well received by the masses. 

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