Microsoft Explains The Sound Issue With Windows 10 October Update


Not everything turned out okay with the Surface event, earlier this month. Microsoft seemed confident with the roll-out of Windows 10 October Update 2018, however, they weren’t really enough.

Among other Windows 10 issues, many users have reported that their system audio abruptly broke after upgrading to October update. After installing the update, the users received an error “No Audio output is installed.”

Now, Microsoft has acknowledged the reports. The company explains: “An Intel audio driver was incorrectly pushed to devices via Windows Update for a short period of time earlier this week.  After receiving reports from users that their audio no longer works, we immediately removed it and started investigating.”

In the same blog post, Microsoft has also listed some steps that you can follow if one of your PC has been hit with an audio issue.

Here is what you can do  –


  1. Open Device Manager via right-click on the start button and clicking the same
  2. Click on View – Choose Device by connection
  3. Look for  “Intel SST Audio Controller” (Intel Smart Sound Technology driver version” or audio driver that is marked with a yellow exclamation mark
  4. Right click on the device – Go to its properties – Click Uninstall

If the sound issue persists, you can check out our Windows 10 Audio Fix Guide to try out a few alternative options.

If after lots of trial and error, the sound issue is still there. The best options are either you can roll out to the previous Windows version, or you can wait for an next update.

The company has also rolled a Windows Update (KB4468550) which automatically fixe the sound issue. Presently, Microsoft has pulled the update back and is going to soon launch a more stable and bug-free version later this month.

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