Microsoft Edge Surpass Firefox; Now 2nd Most Popular Desktop Browser


Microsoft Edge went past Mozilla Firefox last month and became the world’s 2nd most popular desktop web browser, reports Bleeping Computer.

According to NetMarketShare statistics, Edge acquired a market share of 7.59% in March 2020, whereas Firefox witnessed a market share of 7.19% for the same month.

The report notes that the Firefox desktop browser saw a downward slope in popularity. The browser stood at 9.27% back in March 2019. On the other hand, the Edge browser witnessed an upward slope from 5.20% in March 2019 to 7.59% last month.

Microsft Edge and other browsers are still way behind the most popular desktop web browser, Google Chrome, which has a market share of 68.5%.

At the same time, one cannot ignore the feat achieved by Microsoft Edge; it has only been three months since the company introduced the Chromium-based Edge browser.

This is also one of the biggest reasons behind Edge’s spike in popularity. The Chromium-based web browser diluted several problems that Edge users faced over the years. Starting from performance, the range of available extensions, unavailability on platforms other than Windows, and several more.

Apart from that, Microsoft Edge is the default browser of Windows, which also helps in increasing the browser’s popularity. Not that it could surpass Google Chrome, probably for another decade, but it is certainly eating up Chrome’s market share.

Back in February, Google started throwing warnings at Edge when people tried installing Chrome extensions on Microsoft’s browser. Maybe Google did notice after all.

List of most popular web browser March 2020:

Chrome 68.50%
Edge 7.59%
Firefox 7.19%
Internet Explorer 11 5.60%
Safari 3.62%
QQ 2.41%
Sogou Explorer 1.88%
Opera 1.14%
Yandex 1.01%
UC Browser 0.42%
Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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