Microsoft Edge Split Tabs Feature Is In Development

No need to open four individual Windows!


The idea of tabs in any program allows for seamless switching between two tabs which could be files, web pages, folders, or more. This concept is so good that even Microsoft had to introduce the tabs feature in Microsoft explorer. Edge browser, like every other browser, allows you to create multiple tabs. But a Reddit post reveals that the Microsoft Edge Split Tabs feature is indeed in the works.

The post completely details the aforementioned feature in action, including multiple clips showcasing how the Edge browser implements it.

When will the Microsoft Edge Split Tabs feature arrive?

Windows operating system offers the ability to create multiple windows, each of which you can dedicate to an app or program. Similarly, you can create multiple browser windows and stack two of them side by side to achieve the Edge Split Tabs screen. There’s no harm in that except the fact that it is an extra step to create an additional window. If you have multiple programs open alongside Edge, switching between them becomes complicated.

If you could do the same inside the Edge browser and not exit a single browser window at all, wouldn’t that be nice? Well, a Reddit user Leopeva64-2 discovered the Microsoft Edge Split Tabs feature. It works like a charm and allows you to convert open tabs into a split section. You need to right-click on the webpage and select the split tabs option to stack them side by side.

Image: Reddit

Some commenters on the post couldn’t help but notice that the feature resembles the Vivaldi browser’s tiling features. You can drag and adjust the screen real estate of the split tabs as you adjust the windows. If you’ve got a big display with enough size to stack four tabs, you cannot do so. Vivaldi allows you to arrange four tabs inside the browser, but the Reddit user didn’t spot any such feature in the browser.

A simple workaround is to open four individual tabs and use Windows 11 to arrange them on one screen. But that will be counterintuitive because you will have four Edge browser windows! We hope that Edge takes more inspiration from Vivaldi and introduces an option to split four tabs as well.

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