Microsoft Creates “AI University” To Fight Shortage Of Talent

Microsoft AI University
Image: Microsoft
Everyone wants artificial intelligence to grow fast and make lives easier (and dependent). But the lack of human power to develop AI could act as a hurdle. There aren’t enough men who could teach bots how to do stuff.

Microsoft, one of the big tech boys with AI ambitions, has set up an internal ‘AI university’ to overcome the talent shortage in artificial intelligence. As a part of the program, Microsoft employees would be given detailed insights of different concepts that are important for the development of AI.

Microsoft Research director Chris Bishop told Business Insider that their internal education program is meant to give a fundamental and a practical sense of how to use AI to the people who are smart and capable but trained in other domains.

Microsoft’s talent hunt spree involves searching for potential recruits at AI conferences and giving scholarships to a university student if they agree to take a job at the company.

The list of Microsoft’s competitors in AI includes Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. In 2016, the average paycheck of AI researchers at Google’s DeepMind was around $345,000 (£258,000). They also hired some researchers in 2015 who worked as tutors in universities.

Afterall, no stone can be left unturned as the competition in the field of AI is getting more desperate by the tick of the clock. If you want to find AI, probably, you can just take out your phone see it in action.

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