Microsoft Eying Cheap Surface Laptop For K-12 Running Windows 11 SE: Report

Microsoft attemps Surface's entry in the education market again.


Microsoft is yet again trying its luck with a lower-cost variant of the Surface Laptop running the rumored Windows 11 SE. Redmond may announce the new, cheaper Surface laptop before the end of this year. As per a report from Windows Central, the upcoming affordable Surface will be focused on education, directly taking on Chromebooks used by school students.

Reports suggest that Microsoft’s new launch has the “Tenjin” codename. Likewise, Tenjin will feature a plastic body, a 1366×768 11.6-inch display, and up to 8GB of RAM. The education-focused machine will house Intel’s Celeron N4120 processor suitable for light usage.

Moreover, the key highlight of the “Student Special” laptop is Windows 11 SE. We saw leaks of a rumored Windows 11 SE back in June. The all-new Windows edition will be in store for low-end laptops like Tenjin and loaded with a different set of features than Windows 11.

Microsoft might be trying to enter the K-12 education market with the cheap and compact Surface. The Tenjin SKU focuses on special optimizations and features just for educational purposes, and targets students.

Tenjin will have its space in the current Surface lineup and should sit below the already low-spec variant Surface Laptop Go. The official device name might be similar to its OS and should get the title Surface Laptop SE or something. Likewise, the “SE” might refer to Student Edition or School Edition.

Since Tenjin will fall below the Surface Laptop Go, it should be under the sub-$400 price bracket. Only then will the cheaper Surface with Windows 11 SE offer significant competition to the already popular Chromebooks.

Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja

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