Microsoft Builds an Online Fun Tool to Guess Your Age and Gender, Try it Now

how old do i look microsoft
how old do i look microsoft


Just when you thought that the updates from the Microsoft Developer Conference – Build 2015 – are getting very technical and boring, Microsoft unveiled a tiny tool that guesses your age and gender.

This is based on Microsoft’s machine learning platform Azure and shows off its capabilities.

All you need to do is to upload a picture and this online tool will analyze your face and then guess your age. The guesses made by aren’t much accurate.

I tried with my picture and it showed my age a lot more than my actual age. Then I tried this tool with a picture of a friend and guessed his age correctly.

On the internet, people are busy sharing their pics with their correct and wrong ages, and this tool has become viral.

Microsoft has also shared a detailed post on how they are doing it. The key components of this tool are:

  1. Extracting the age and gender of people.
  2. Gaining the real-time insights of the above data.
  3. Developing a real-time dashboard to display the results.

Read it here if you are interested to dig deeper.

This is part of a set of new machine learning APIs under the name “Project Oxford.” These APIs deal with face detection and speech detection. There are two other APIs for categorizing images and custom language understanding.

Try the tool here and tell us if Microsoft guessed your age and gender accurately.

See the best epic fails of this age guessing robot. :D

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