Microsoft Announces Xbox Live For Android And iOS Games


Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Live network is coming to iOS and Android devices. The company is launching a new cross-platform mobile SDK for game developers to bring the functionality for games that run on iOS and Android.

Features from Xbox Live such as gamerscore, achievements, hero stats, clubs, friend lists and some of the family settings too, will be made available for Android and iOS.

There are some iOS and Android games which already come with Xbox Live Achievements, but this feature is only available in titles from Microsoft Studios.

With the new platform, the reach of Xbox Live will increase from around 400 million Xbox, 68 million PC gaming devices to more than two billion devices in the future.

This announcement comes from Microsoft as a part of its Game Stack initiative which aims to expand the range of cloud-based tools for game developers.

In the future, game creators will be able to select parts of Xbox Live to integrate into their games, and it will require a single sign-in to a Microsoft Account. The company is using its identity network to add support login, privacy, online safety, and child accounts.

Sadly, Microsoft has said that Xbox Live isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4 for now. But the company did say it wants to take Xbox Live to as many platforms as possible. So there are chances we might get these features on Switch and PS4 as well.

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