Microsoft Adds New ‘AI Power’ To MS Office, Bing, And Cortana

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Microsoft made a bunch of announcements at their Everday AI event on Wednesday. In the coming months, the company plans to roll-out many AI-powered features for their different products including Office 365, Bing, and Cortana.

If you’re a regular user of Redmond’s search engine Bing, you might soon start to see different viewpoints for a search query. For instance, if you search “is coffee bad for health?” Bing, using Microsoft AI power, would be able to throw search results from known news sources with varying viewpoints.

The similar thing won’t happen if you search a factual query, like, “When was Star Wars released?”. The search engine is also getting advanced to help people find relevant content faster. For instance, if you search about turning on Bluetooth on a new device, Bing would ask you type the name and model of the device to narrow the search.

Microsoft has also announced a partnership with Reddit, where the company will use AI to analyze the subreddits and Reddit AMAs (Ask-Me-Anything) and display relevant information in Bing results for search queries.

The changes slated for Office 365 apps include the ability to automatically unclutter Outlook inbox and adding a feature similar to Gmail’s smart reply. Excel app would take advantage of Microsoft’s machine learning tech to generate charts and graphs on its own, through a feature called Office Insights.

The Office 365 Word app would be able to suggest documents using AI. A new Microsoft Word feature called Acronyms which will allow employees to find acronyms (specific to their company) by searching Office documents and emails.

Another feature called Tap for Word allows people to harvest the documents, spreadsheets, etc. related to their company without leaving the Word app.

Redmond’s digital assistant Cortana which has been living a low-profile life will receive an AI power boost in the form of ‘skill chaining.’ It’ll allow Cortana to perform multiple tasks on a single command. For instance, Cortana would book movies tickets and automatically add an event to the calendar.

Cortana will also be able to sort emails and create summaries of important ones from Outlook and other providers like Gmail. All of the new Microsoft AI features and changes will be brought in the coming weeks and months.

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