Michael Keaton’s Knox Goes Away: Everything We Know

Michael Keaton's Knox Goes Away: Everything We Know
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Fans of Birdman, the Batman films, and a few of those who stayed for the post-credits scenes in Morbius rejoice. For just the second time in his career, renowned multi-faceted character actor Michael Keaton is getting ready to direct the noir thriller Knox Goes Away, in which he will also star.

According to production reports, the film’s principal photography is complete, and everything is set to move into the post-production phase. Furthermore, the production reveals new details about the film’s all-star cast, which includes influential people from the industry.

Knox Goes Away reveals Al Pacino and cast

According to Variety, Pacino, Harden, and Marsden have joined the cast of Keaton’s thriller. Written by Gregory Poirier, the other cast members include Suzy Nakamura, Joanna King, Ray McKinnon, John Hoogenaker, and Lela Loren. Michael Sugar, who produced the 2015 Best Picture Oscar-winning film Spotlight, starring Keaton, is also attached to produce.

The production companies behind the film declared in a joint statement that their goal was to create an original noir-thriller, which some may believe has fallen out of favor in recent decades yet remains a classic film genre. They said:

Original noir thrillers like this are a rarity nowadays, so as producers and movie lovers, we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this project. With Michael Keaton both behind and in front of the camera, combined with the rest of our gifted cast and crew, the audience is in for a real treat.

Everything we know so far

Knox Goes Away production began in late summer of this year and just finished filming. Keaton plays John Knox, a hitman with a fast-moving case of dementia. In his final days, he pledges to do right by his estranged adult son, played by Marsden. There will be a dual ticking clock element as Keaton flees the authorities and his oncoming battle with dementia, with moments of action, suspense, and profound emotion depicted in great effect by its outstanding cast.

Given that it gives viewers another chance to see Keaton in action following the abrupt cancellation of Batgirl, many are certain to find Knox Goes Away to be an interesting production. Although Keaton is directing for the second time in his storied Hollywood career, this is the first time he has any real intentions of doing so. His first credit as a director came from the 2008 crime thriller The Merry Gentleman, in which Keaton starred as a damaged investigator on the hunt for the hitman.

There doesn’t seem to be any controversy this time around. His position as director was predetermined from the start. And he is reuniting with familiar producers from his previous critically acclaimed movies. Knox Goes Away may turn out to be one of the more interesting noirs in recent memory thanks to a solid cast that includes the renowned Michael Keaton both in front of and behind the camera.

As far as the release date is concerned, Knox Goes Away is currently without a release date. We will update this page once the news is out. So, stay tuned with us!

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