MetaWear Coin Makes Bluetooth Wearable for Everyone in Less than 30-minutes


Ever thought of a device that fit in for all and help us in measuring and monitoring daily activities? Guess what, the device has arrived and it is called MetaWear Coin. It’s is a tiny, coin-cell powered, Bluetooth Sensor Platform with an SDK, used to develop Smart & Connected Wearable products.

MetaWear Coin is developed by a team of renegade engineers who wanted to change the world of Bluetooth. This highly integrated platform includes wireless hardware that is loaded with sensors, a simple and functional case, easy to use SDKs, lots of open source code and sample mobile Apps to get you started.

Who Can Use MetaWear Coin?

Anyone and I’m serious. You tell the board what to do: read temperature data, log motion data, download log data in memory, sound an alarm when a button is pressed, adjust the volume of your Bluetooth speaker when the MetaWear is shaken, or anything else you can think of. Check out below uses cases to get a feel of MetaWear Coin and its awesomeness.

Here is an example showing how simple it is to turn on the LED on the board:

Here is a project on Github fitness tracker MetaWare that streamlined activity tracker created on the MetaWear platform. The app demonstrates use of several advanced functionalities in the platform including accelerometer data, data logging, data processing, Android API, and more.

Another great project built using MetaWare Coin is a Boxing and MMA Glove that tracks how hard you punch. It also helps you train as a fighter:

Features and Technical Specs:

The hardware features a temperature sensor, motion sensors, Bluetooth radio, push-button, LED and more, all compatible with MetaWear mobile SDK.


  • Low power ARM SOC
  • 256kB Flash, 16kB RAM
  • Smart and efficient Coin Cell battery circuit
  • GPIOs/SPI/I2C for adding your own sensor or LEDs
  • Smart sensors including motion (accelerometer) and temperature
  • Pre-loaded MetaWear firmware runs Bluetooth LE stack
  • Onboard LED
  • Simple Push-button
  • On-board memory for logging data


  • BOSCH Accelerometer ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g, ±16 g: low-noise, 12-bit digital acceleration sensor with typical operation current consumption of only 15 μA
  • Temperature sensor (-40C to 85C) is an SMT thermistor with 1C accuracy and 0.125C resolution


  • Android and iOS API (BLE compliant)
  • Easy to use data processing module
  • ANCS compatible
  • Data streaming capable
  • On-Device logging capable

metaware coin

MetaWare Coin is currently running its Kickstarter campaign and you can pre-order the kit at $49.

What will you build with MetaWare coin if you get one? Tell us in comments. Stay tuned at fossBytes for more technical updates.

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