Meta VR Headset Prices Could Go Up Soon: Kuo

Is Meta increasing prices for its head mounting devices!?

Meta VR Headset Prices Could Go Up Soon: Kuo
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Meta’s VR headsets have seen quite a success in the market. With products like Oculus Quest 2, they sure are on a roll but Meta’s VR headsets are to soon rise in prices. Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is stating some interesting claims about Meta in his recent tweet.

Kuo in his tweet described that so far this year, orders for almost all categories of consumer electronics have been cut. Not including the head-mount display. As it has a new user experience and a lower shipment base.

Why could the prices for Meta’s VR headset go up?

Meta VR Headset Prices Could Go Up Soon: Kuo
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Meta sure is working consistently for its HMDs. However, Meta’s decision of having cutbacks in its hardware division may slow down overall industrial growth. Leading up to a higher price tag. Kuo also shared his thoughts on how investments in new HMD technologies will be affected. According to him, Meta will lower subsidiaries for future hardware.

Currently, the world’s biggest social media company is in hot water. Last month they told investors that they are going to scale back costs in 2022. A drop in Facebook users early this year caused the stock to go down severely.

According to an article by REUTERS Meta will lower its expected 2022 total expenses. To between $87 billion and $92 billion, down from its prior outlook of between $90 billion and $95 billion. Last week, the company announced a reduction in hiring for most mid-to-senior-level positions, as initially reported by Insider.

Are you interested in HMDs from Meta? So they justify a higher price tag? Tell us in the comments.

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