Meta Reveals Its Future Of VR Headsets

Meta revealed how VR headsets could look in the future.

Meta VR
Image Credit: Meta

Meta recently broadcast its latest creation, a futuristic-looking Virtual Reality headset idea, in the latest promotional video of the metaverse.

Although there is no confirmation or clarity as to whether it is an actual product in the development phase, visually, the device looks extremely pleasing as it appears to be slimmer than the Cambria headset and more advanced than a Quest headset.

The video also shows fingertip sensors that can instantly identify the finger’s location accurately and offer a haptic response. A future glimpse was through Meta’s monthly video posts representing some upcoming hardware with some preview of the future VR headsets.

In the recent futuristic video, Meta shows a time when Meta will have a rendering quality identical to reality, or the company might take an artistic view. Although there is little certainty that it might be true someday, the video displayed three practical examples in the metaverse.

The Practical Examples                   

The first is related to students attending a lecture accessible through the metaverse. It will allow students to be present physically or teleported in their seats. The professor can manipulate virtual 3D objects like a biological cell to examine its metabolism, which can also be tossed around to students.

Another instance relates to surgery on a virtual patient through advanced VR headsets and fingertip sensors that can provide better precision and haptic feedback. The type

Students can repeat training several times, which is an excellent hands-on experience for freshers.

The video’s third concept is the historical event or objects returning to life. Students can visit Rome and watch the argument of Mark Antony over the governance flaws and merits of the ruler Julius Caesar. Students will be able to walk around and observe the scene.

Another video displays the current state of VR and how a father connects with his daughter while fishing despite being 2000 miles away. Although Meta didn’t identify the app, it seems like Real VR Fishing is a multiplayer fishing simulation available for Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets for only $20.

Although the future and true potential of the metaverse are still uncertain, it does offer a pleasing sight. The new classroom versions, historical locations, and hands-on training exist in certain apps.

Meta can push it further and add a whole new dimension. Meta’s Cambria VR headset is expected to launch later this year, and it will be exciting to see how it renders the early metaverse experience.



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