Meta Remodels Facebook Groups After Discord

Facebook groups will get a sidebar and new channels feature!

Meta Remodels Facebook Groups After Discord
Image: Meta

Meta announced some major design changes and feature updates to Facebook Groups. If we are not mistaken, it seems to heavily draw inspiration from Discord. If you compare the new features, you will find a lot of similarities between the two.

Facebook will offer a sidebar to neatly organize the groups for easier access. Moreover, Facebook will also offer channels, a feature that will help users connect in smaller, more casual settings within their groups. The Verge spotted this change first and reported about the resemblance and how Facebook is slowly becoming TikTok, and now drawing inspiration from Discord.

Facebook Groups: New features

The primary change to the Facebook app will be a new sidebar to arrange your groups. You will be able to pin them as per your preference. The pin feature will help you quickly access groups that you love the most or constantly publish posts that intrigue you.

Moreover, the sidebar will also highlight the latest activity in the groups which you have joined. Facebook aims to make group interaction much easier with this feature. The screenshot displays that the group menu will also have a discover option that may make recommendations as per your profile.

Apart from that, there are many additions to the Facebook groups. Admins can now create channels to make conversations more personalized and rooted in a particular topic of interest.

Facebook Groups
Image: Facebook

Admins can create community chat channels where users can share their views on a common topic of interest. Facebook integrates this feature with Messenger so that no one is left out of the conversation. Similarly, there will be community audio channels feature that will let admins create a voice conversations channel for members.

The images shared in the official blog post showcase the option to jump into an audio channel. Community feed channels will also be a part of the new update. It will offer a way for community members to connect to feed groups within a larger group.

So, admins can create feed channels with niche content for members. The Verge contacted Meta about the release date of these features. According to the official statement, these changes will reflect in the app in the coming months.

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