Meta Releases MyoSuite AI: Here’s What We Know About It

A brand new AI! Meta sure is on a roll

Meta Releases MyoSuite AI: Here's All We Know About It
Image: Meta

Meta just launched their new AI platform, called MyoSuite. It is a tool that builds realistic musculoskeletal simulations. The simulations run up to 4,000 times faster than current high-end prosthetics.

Although, the main goal is modeling complex human movement to help develop prosthetics. It can also potentially be used for making metaverse avatars. The company claims that they can train the models to do certain motor movements.

How does Meta MyoSuite work?

Meta Releases MyoSuite AI: Here's All We Know About It
Image: Meta

Meta MyoSuite is built using machine learning to help study biomechanical control problems. However, Meta says that it could have a significant impact on developing prosthetics and post-injury rehabilitation.

Firstly, the company, in a post, claims that the program can run at really high speeds than pre-existing musculoskeletal modeling software. 4,000x faster to be precise at meeting the data requirements of modern ML algorithms.

Since this quite capable software has allowed Meta to successfully model motor movements like turning a key or twirling a pen. Meta says it is looking forward to making advances in prosthetics and physical rehabilitation. Although, the early success has given the company quite a lot of confidence it still has a long way to go.

How can it impact the metaverse?

Whatever, Meta is working on these days somehow links back to the metaverse. This right here is no different story. Although, the main goal of Meta MyoSuite is its medical applicability. There’s the obvious metaverse angle. Zuckerberg says MyoSuite could help the company develop realistic avatars for applications such as Horizon Worlds.

“This research could accelerate the development of prosthetics, physical rehab, and surgery techniques,” said Mark Zuckerberg in the post. “It could also help us develop more realistic avatars for the metaverse.”Meta has kept the innovation wheel running are quite serious about the Metaverse.

Although this ML program is Meta specific, the company plans to make MyoSuite open source. Meta isn’t the first to dip their foot into the whole prosthetics matter. Intel launched a “neuromorphic” deep-learning chip that they said would make prosthetic limbs better.

What do you think of Meta’s newest AI? will it be a help in the field of prosthetics? Comment down below.

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