Meta Now Lets You Invite Friends To Your Horizon Home

Making it easier to meet up in the Metaverse.

Horizon Home
Image: Meta

In his keynote, Mark Zuckerberg labeled Metaverse as the successor of the mobile internet. In order to be on the cutting edge of technology and pave the path for the future of the internet, he rebranded Facebook as ‘Meta’ as well.

Zuckerberg is working hastily towards new inventions in the virtual world. This can also be seen from ‘Horizon Home,’ a social virtual reality place finally launching for Oculus Quest 2 users will be a part of its newest update.

The initiative shows Zuckerberg’s firm belief in the metaverse as the future of technology.

What is Horizon Home?

In layman’s terms, Horizon Home will be a virtual environment where users can spend time as their avatars alongside other users.

In the beginning, users will have a list of environments to choose from. However, they can create their environment in Horizon Home after some time. Users can also invite their friends into virtual homes, where they will be greeted by the avatar of their choosing.

In the VR space, you can watch videos and play games with friends. Through the messenger call feature, which is set to launch, later on, you can also communicate with other people. Once Meta rolls out these features, users can invite their Facebook friends to hang out and even take VR tours.

Zuckerberg debuted these features in a video alongside Free Solo fame climber Alex Honnold. We will be able to tell more about the feature once it is officially released, as Meta will also add more personalization features.

The ‘Future’ of the internet

The company announced Horizon Home in October of 2021 at the Facebook Connect Event. Users can access the virtual environment through the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

The metaverse seems to be Mark Zuckerberg’s newest obsession; in fact, he is so wrapped up in the innovation that it even stresses out his employees. According to former workers, it is the ‘only thing Mark wants to talk about.’



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