Meta Launches Cloud-Based WhatsApp Business API, Recurring Notifications

New messaging features for businesses.

Cloud-based version of WhatsApp Business
Image: Meta

Facebook’s parent company Meta held its first business messaging event named Conversations. The company showcased business messaging features and made new product announcements at the event.

Meta is releasing a cloud-based API on WhatsApp business and Recurring Notifications on Messenger.

Meta Business Messaging Event

Meta will host a cloud-based API on the WhatsApp business. The new cloud-based version of the WhatsApp business will be available to any business globally. The new API will offer free and secure hosting services to businesses.

Now businesses and developers can easily access the service and build directly on top of WhatsApp. It will help in customizing the experience and increasing the response time. The businesses can work with 100+ existing partners or use the new API directly.

Meta also announced the recurring notifications feature. Businesses can use it to reengage people in the messaging thread. They can use it to send special promotions, new product drops, tips, and tricks. Meta has given businesses the option to choose the topics they would like their customers to opt-in.

Also, it is possible to set how often customers will get the notifications. Recurring notifications are available on Messenger, but Meta has confirmed the feature will also be available for businesses on Instagram later this fall.

Besides these new announcements, the company also highlighted its click-to messages ads, their CRM platform, Kustomer, and Business Suite. What are your thoughts about new business messaging features coming across Meta products? Let us know your thoughts.

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