META Is Suing Meta For Changing Its Name To Meta

Another company called Meta calls out Facebook's rebrand for hurting its business

Meta is stealing data now
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Mark Zuckerberg and other representatives have often clarified that they don’t intend to dominate the ‘metaverse’ world. But, the CEO is so committed to his vision of the future of the ‘internet’ that he changed Facebook’s name to Meta.

Although others remain unbothered, one company, in particular, is unhappy with the change in the name and is now taking help from the law. META has announced that it will sue Meta (or Facebook) for stealing the former’s name.

META sues Meta

A post on the plaintiff’s website read that in 2021, Facebook ‘seized’ the name, and despite trying to negotiate with the social media giant for eight months, there was no mutual conclusion.

”We were left with no choice but to file a lawsuit against them,” META’s post read. The company further claimed that it is difficult to provide services under the ‘META mark.’

META’s complaint argued that the users believe its services are linked with the social media site, and the company is associated with the ‘toxicity that is inextricably linked with Facebook.’ The company added that if Facebook can take its name and use it in the same space as them, the next step could be to dominate the ‘metaverse.’

Lastly, they concluded that the lawsuit is about Facebook taking responsibility for its ‘actions’ and moving forward ethically in the industry.

Battle in the courtroom?

Facebook is often accused of sharing private user data with third parties; hence META has found it difficult to share the name and maintain a reputation for itself.

Although META’s claim is legitimate, it must prepare for a long battle in the courtroom against Facebook. It will be tough to sway the court in META’s favor, given the wide range of trademark products and applications Facebook has made after changing its name. Facebook is yet to issue a comment on the matter.



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