Meta Is Killing Off Portal For Consumers, Will Focus On Business Usage

Is Meta's portal for consumer dead?

Meta Portal
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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, launched ‘Portal’ to make video calling more manageable and enjoyable. The hardware came with a built-in Alexa, and you could access Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook through it.

The company spent big on ad campaigns and marketing when it first introduced the product in 2018. However, it seems like Meta has changed plans as the company will no longer produce Portal for customers.

Meta to stop producing consumer versions

Meta is not entirely stopping production but will instead focus on Portal’s business applications, and it will sell the product in inventory. If you were an avid device user, worry not; the company aims to provide you with long-term support.

According to multiple reports, Meta’s change in plans is due to investor apprehensions over billions being spent on projects that are yet to pay off.

This isn’t the only readjustment that Meta has done in its plans, as it is also putting off the launch of its Augmented-Reality glasses for a few years. The product was consumer-focused and originally slated to hit the markets in 2024.

It will focus on the second AR glasses currently being developed for commercial release, named ‘Artemis.’ However, we are unsure when they will be ready for purchase.

This shift in plans is Meta’s attempt at cutting costs, as the company is experiencing reduced revenue growth.

Meta’s video-calling device Portal

Portal saw a rise in sales during the pandemic when people were working from home and needed a video-calling tool. But since then, its hype has died down. As per statistics of the research firm IDC, Meta shipped only 800,000 portals in 2021.

Meta built the device to support effortless video-calling and provided the feature of having up to 50 people in the call. The company also integrated Showtime, Spotify, Netflix, and other entertainment features into Portal.



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