Meta/Facebook Sues People Responsible For 39,000 Phishing Websites

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Meta (formerly Facebook) takes legal action against bad actors responsible for many phishing scams. The scammers created over 39,000 fake websites to impersonate Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. By doing this phishing scam, they tricked many users and collected their login information.

According to the company, the scammers used a relay service, Ngrok, to send people to these fake login websites. Those who clicked on these push links were brought to these login pages. These pages closely resembled Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp to fool users. Those who tried to log in had their usernames and passwords collected.

Phishing attacks on Meta’s websites

Meta claims the scammers have been operating since 2019, but the attacks started ramping up in March. The company then worked with Ngrok to shut down these fake websites. The scammers even went as far as to use Meta’s trademarked logos and names on their fake login pages to mislead users.

“By creating and disseminating URLs for the Phishing Websites, Defendants falsely represented themselves to be Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp, without Plaintiffs’ authorization. Plaintiffs were adversely affected by Defendants’ phishing scheme and suffered, without limitation, damage to their brands and reputations, harm to their users.”

Meta’s Complaint

Meta claims that this is part of its effort to protect people’s safety and privacy. The company also wants to send a clear message to those trying to abuse its platform. They also want to increase the accountability of those who abuse technology. Meta blocks and shares phishing URLs so other media can also block them.

To protect your privacy, read our ‘guide on phishing attacks‘ and keep yourself secure.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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