Meta Will Nudge Kids Away From Repeat Content And Add Parental Controls For VR

Now parents have more control over their kids IG and VR.

Meta is stealing data now
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The new “Nudge” feature that Instagram announced is now going on the floors. Instagram will start to roll out the “Nudge” feature in countries like the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

The previous studies conducted by Instagram suggest that more than 55% of users agreed that Nudges had enhanced their social media browsing experience. Instagram’s own test also suggests that one out of every five users switches to a different topic when receiving the nudge reminder.

How Nudge is going to work for the users

In this new feature, Instagram will send notifications if a user is browsing similarly-themed content over a long period. A pop-up will be presented on the screen suggesting the users switch and look at other types of content.

A notification with “Choose what to explore next” will suggest users explore other categories. Instagram says that this feature “is designed to encourage teens to discover something new and excludes topics that may be associated with appearance comparison.”

The introduction of the Nudge feature could be a reaction to the action which took place earlier. Earlier, leaked documents by Whistleblower Frances Haugen suggest how teenage girls are negatively impacted by images of people with ideal bodies.

The head of Instagram elaborating the nudge feature stated, “No matter what topic you are going deep into if you are going particularly deep, we let you know, and we suggest some other topics.” Besides this, Instagram is also planning to introduce new features to improve the social life of the users.

Instagram might be introducing a “Take a break feature” that will encourage the users to spend time outside the social media platform. Users will get reminders that will display useful content from content creators.

This feature can be widely rolled out later this summer by the social media giant. One more handy feature which will be witnessing some adjustments is the Parental control feature.

With this adjustment, now parents can also send invites to their kids to gain access to the parental control tools. It will help the parents to track the time their teens spend on Instagram.



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