Now Meta Quest/Oculus Will Not Require A Facebook Account For Login

Facebook Account Not Needed!

Image: Meta

Virtual reality headsets seem to be the next big thing in the tech world, with several companies looking to introduce their products for the purpose. Meta’s VR headsets are already a reality, and the company is moving to incorporate a new account system.

Earlier, requirements asked users to log in through their Facebook account, which is no longer needed. Instead, the users will have to sign up using “Meta accounts”. They also introduced some other updates to Meta’s VR social interface.

Meta accounts will release in August 2022 for new and existing Quest users. If you are a Facebook user with a Quest headset (Also have an FB account linked with a previous Oculus account), you will need to create a Meta account and the relevant profile in August.

If you have consistently logged into the Oculus account, you can keep it operational until 1 January 2023. If you migrate the account, you will see all the previous VR apps you purchased.

The New options don’t compromise Mark Zuckerberg’s promises last year as it addresses the idea that many of Meta’s VR users despised Facebook account requirements.

It also reflects the company’s intention to move from traditional social apps like Facebook to a more virtual metaverse environment. The company also claims that it seeks to extend the Meta account service to other potential Meta devices in the future, such as a product like Portal videophones.

Meta accounts and the Horizon social profile

Each Meta account will have its horizon social profile. The account creation process will require personal information such as name, phone number, date of birth, email address, and payment details for purchasing applications.

A Meta blog post claims that it is “not a social profile,” but it also states that you will have to create a Meta Horizon profile that is social and appears in VR along with “other surfaces such as the web.”

Meta will protect the account with different privacy options. Still, like Facebook, users can search for an account and view your profile picture, username, avatar, followers followed, and displayed name.

However, there is a major difference as you can create more than one Meta account with a separate horizon profile, unlike the “one public identity” rule on Facebook.



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