MemoriesCable : This iPhone Charger Comes With 128GB Storage


It not always that you keep an extra storage device in your backpack whenever you are out, but you never know when the need arises. One thing that people never forget is the charge phone or the charging cable. So, why not store your stuff inside them!

Photofast has come up with charging cables for iPhones that can store 128 GB of your data. Photofast calls it MemoriesCable and is built exclusively for iPhone users. The MemoriesCable will be a huge relief for the people who are skeptical of using the cloud because of security reasons. Celebrities’ account hacked and their pictures releasing online only added to the doubts of iPhone users. Also, the iPhone does not come with an expandable memory slot and that adds to the woes.

The MemoriesCable is similar to any other charging cable except that it has the hidden internal storage of 128 GB at its end. The cable is just 13 cm long and weighs about 9 grams.

The only thing that you might have to adjust with is that you will have to install a non-iOS app that will sync the MemoriesCable to your iPhone. So with the MemoriesCable connected to your iPhone, you will have the luxury to listen to the music beyond iTunes.

The price of these ultra compact charging cum memoriescables has not been revealed yet, but you can also get the cheaper version of these MemoriesCable with 64GB internal storage.

Till now, the humble charging cable had no use except well, charging the phone, so adding an internal storage to the cable is a smart idea.

If Photofast creates such charging cables for other smartphones too, then it will definitely be a huge hit and we would possibly bid farewell to the flash drives.

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Image Credits: Photofast

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