Find A Memorable Domain For Your Website In Minutes With .Tech


Finding a memorable “.com” is pretty difficult nowadays. However, there are many great alternative extensions available. If you would like to find a unique, meaningful domain name for your website, try .tech. This fresh new extension is ideal for startups, developers, platforms, apps, and more — and it takes just minutes to register.

Because the “.tech” extension is still fairly new, there are substantially more available compared to the usual “.com” or “.org” addresses. That means you have a much better shot at finding a domain that fits your brand—plus you won’t have to change the spelling or use any odd characters that might throw off any prospective viewers.

In addition, the “.tech” extension places your brand at the cutting edge. The world-famous Consumer Electronics Show has already made the leap — you can find the show’s homepage at It is a great way to make your site stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re in the tech sector.

Just as importantly, registering your “.tech” domain is also easy and affordable. You can search and purchase domains in minutes through a simple three-step process.

Right now, you can register a one-year domain for $7.99 (normally $49.99). You can also get a three-year domain for $24.99 (normally $149.97) or get five years for $39.99 (normally $249.95).

To take advantage of these eye-catching prices, head over to, and start the search for your shiny new domain name.



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