Meet Pepper, World’s First Emotional Robot that Understands You

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pepper-emotional-robotShort Bytes: SoftBank has come up with the world’s first humanoid robot with ’emotions’- Pepper. This 4 feet tall, 61 pound robot is equipped with cameras, lasers and infrared sensors to recognize your mood and acts accordingly. It tries to make you happy. Also, it can be used for all household activities like serving as a nurse, babysitting, gardening, or even making sandwiches.

In today’s world when fellow humans may not understand your emotions, a robot might as well help you out!

Yes, you heard it right. The telecom giant SoftBank has come up with the world’s first humanoid robot with emotions. This four feet tall, 61 pounds of adorable humanoid robot recognizes tones of voice and facial expressions in order to interact with humans. And the best part? Well, Pepper tries to make you happy!


Pepper features cameras, lasers and infrared sensors on its head so it can detect human faces. Also, it is equipped with artificial intelligence to interpret and even react to anger, happiness, nervousness, sorrow in humans around by recognizing their voice tones, facial expressions, and language.

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Pepper is designed for all household activities like serving as a nurse, babysitting, gardening or even making sandwiches! Besides, it is highly curious and tries to talk to you, learn about you and adapt accordingly. Also, it can speak 17 languages and is backed by 12 hours of battery.

Check out this interview with Pepper:

A $1,650 consumer version was announced back in June. SoftBank has announced partnership with Foxconn and Alibaba. SoftBank is highly optimistic of Pepper being the first step in spreading robotics worldwide.

Imagine a world in which every household would be equipped with such cute robots to understand your emotions, especially in old age homes, where Pepper can not only make them happy, but also aid in household work.

What do you think about Pepper? Would you like to own one? Tell us in the comments below.

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