Meet Apple Continuity Camera Feature: Is Apple Removing Webcams From Mac?

Apple's new way of video calling.

Meet Apple Continuity Camera Feature
Image: Apple

Apple announced many exciting features at the WWDC for macOS 13 Ventura. However, one specific feature that takes the game to a whole new level is the new continuity camera.

The developers want to make macOS Ventura the most powerful operating system globally, and thus, they incorporate features that massively improve user performance and efficiency.

What is the Continuity Camera feature?

The feature lets users use their iPhone as a webcam as it unlocks more possibilities that you could never perform with a webcam. It will allow Mac to recognize the device when it’s nearby and use its camera automatically.

Consumers will also be able to clip their iPhone at the top of their Mac and use the camera to provide an impeccable video calling experience. It is an iPhone camera after all.

The Continuity Camera feature brings effects like portrait mode, Center Stage, and an all-new studio light effect that illuminates the user’s face while the background dims.

The feature will allow you to video call, anyone, while sitting close to a window, and the picture quality will be clear.

Another notable feature is the iPhone’s ultra-wide camera that provides a desk view. Hence, the caller will be able to see the overhead view of the desktop and the user’s face simultaneously.

It will be excellent incorporation for making D.I.Y. videos, sketch videos, FaceTime, etc. Additionally, the user will benefit from students working on different projects to ensure chemistry between their creations.

Another Apple Stand

Apple also states that they are working with Belkin on stands that they will release later this year, allowing users to hold their iPhone above the MacBook’s screen display conveniently. The Company notified its customers that the stands would be available in different designs and colors.

You won’t even require hardware, as the current devices will get support through continuous software updates. The all-new continuity camera feature that has people on their feet will be available later this year.



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