How To Master Android Programming In 15 Hours (79% Off Bundle)


What is the world’s most popular operating system? I don’t think anyone would give a second thought. Yes, Android is Google’s decade-old OS that has made our lives so much easier than before.

But more than the OS, what helps us are the tons of apps available for Android. It goes without saying that Android app development has become one of the highest-paying career options. Not just conventional jobs, startups worth billions of dollars have been created using a single mobile app. Want a name? Uber, WhatsApp, and many more.

So, if you got inspired by all of this and want to pursue the field of Android app development, then we have something that can help you get started. Mastering Android Programming (79% Off) is a super easy course we have picked from the Fossbytes Academy.

The course can help you begin with the basics of Android app development. It comes with ‘lifetime access’ for just $20 and consists of 15 hours of content spread across 63 lectures.

You get details about Android-related Java concepts, SQLite, OpenGL, events and UI constructs, graphics and multimedia, installing Android SDK, and more. You can discover core concepts like control flow, data types and arrays and learn about Android services and debugging.

You can test your knowledge using the practice tests mentioned in the course. Also, the course includes a certificate of completion that would be a great show on your resume.

So, all-in-all, the Mastering Android Programming course seems to be a great deal. You only need to pay $20 (Price: $99, 79% Off) if you want to grab your hands on it.

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